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Below is a list of major events in the Gaslight Mysteries series by Victoria Thompson. For a list of the books in order, click here. All books published by Berkley Prime Crime.

Murder on Trinity place by Victoria Thompson book cover detail shows a narrow, early 1900's New York City street at dusk The sky is dark blue. A large church can be seen. A horse and carriage and a man and woman pass by.

The Gaslight Mysteries By Victoria Thompson Timeline

Murder in Rose Hill, Book #27 Hardcover 2024 September 1901 Roosevelt becomes President
Murder on Bedford Street, Book #26 Hardcover 2023, Paperback 2024 March 1901 Theda gives birth to twins; Teo gives birth (not mentioned)
Murder on Madison Square, Book #25 Hardcover 2022, Paperback 2023 November 1900 Theda is pregnant (due in April 1901)
Murder on Wall Street, Book #24 Hardcover 2021, Paperback 2022 July 17-30, 1900 Theda is newly pregnant; Theodora is also pregnant (due March 1901)
Murder on Pleasant Avenue, Book #23 Hardcover 2020, Paperback 2021 June 4 – July 16, 1900
Murder on Trinity Place, Book #22 Hardcover 2019, Paperback 2020 December 1899 – January 13, 1900
Murder in Union Square, Book #21 Hardcover 2018, Paperback 2019 September 1899 Catherine and Brian are legally adopted
Murder in the Bowery, Book #20 Hardcover 2017, Paperback 2018 July 1899 Black Jack is introduced
Murder in Morningside Heights, Book #19 Hardcover 2016, Paperback 2017 February 1899
Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue, Book #18 Hardcover 2015, Paperback 2016 December 1898 Frank and Sarah are on their honeymoon; Maeve and Gino solve the mystery
Murder on Amsterdam Avenue, Book #17 Hardcover 2015, Paperback 2016 September 1898 Frank and Sarah marry
Murder in Murray Hill, Book #16 Hardcover 2014, Paperback 2015 Early Summer 1898
Murder in Chelsea, Book #15 Hardcover 2013, Paperback 2014 Early Spring 1898 Frank inherits wealth and proposes to Sarah
Murder on Fifth Avenue, Book #14 Hardcover 2012, Paperback 2013 Winter 1898
Murder on Sisters’ Row, Book #13 Hardcover 2011, Paperback 2012 Late Fall 1897
Murder on Lexington Avenue, Book #12 Hardcover 2010, Paperback 2011 September 1897
Murder on Waverly Place, Book #11 Hardcover 2009, Paperback 2010 May 1897
Murder on Bank Street, Book #10 Hardcover 2008, Paperback 2009 April 1897 Tom’s murder is solved
Murder in Chinatown, Book #9 Hardcover 2007, Paperback 2008 March 1897
Murder in Little Italy, Book #8 Hardcover 2006, Paperback 2007 February 1897 Gino Donatelli is introduced
Murder on Lenox Hill Book #7 Hardcover 2005, Paperback 2006 January 1897 Catherine and Maeve move in with Sarah; Brian has started school
Murder on Marble Row #6 Hardcover 2004, Paperback 2005 November 1896 Frank visits a deaf family and makes a decision about Brian’s school
Murder on Mulberry Bend #5 Paperback 2003 October 1896 Maeve and Catherine (called Aggie) are introduced; Brian has surgery for his club foot
Murder on Washington Square #4 Paperback 2002 October 1896
Murder on Gramercy Park, Book #3 Paperback 2001 September 1896
Murder on St. Mark’s Place, Book #2 Paperback 2000 July 1896 Frank visits schools for deaf children
Murder on Astor Place, Book #1 Paperback 1999 April 1896
July 5, 1893 Catherine is born
1893 Brian is born; Frank’s wife dies; Tom is murdered

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